Asia Cup Polo Returns

Disrupt events returns to the Polo match!

After the success of our first Polo match we had to return for the event next year.

Asia cup polo is an annual event full of fun, lively guests, horses, charity auctions, highly rated meals as well as music, drinks and an overall lovely atmosphere.

Disrupt events brought around 40 guests total to the Asia Cup polo match for a day of fun! The day began with an intimate pre drinks between 15 content creators along with snacks and a light brunch before making our way to the Winkfield Polo Park. Upon arrival, we began eating our lovely three course meal while enjoying the excitement of a charity auction to raise money for children in need.

After lunch and a lively auction, we headed to the tables and chairs overlooking the pitch. The finals day polo match commenced followed by an evening of live music, drinks and a lively dance floor to top off the wonderful day!

Find more about the event on our youtube channel.