Hannah Thomas for the Dubel prize

What a wonderful evening it was as we gathered at the Red Eight Gallery to celebrate the captivating artwork of the talented Hannah Thomas, who presented her exceptional submission for The Dubel Prize. Hosted by Damian Alexander Dubel, the event unfolded into a delightful showcase of art, accompanied by music, speeches, and camaraderie.

The gallery came to life with a blend of visual arts and music provided by 8 Ray Group set the ambiance, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in Hannah's art.

Julian Usher, Red Eight Gallery's CEO, shared thoughts on the significance of Thomas' work and Jane Nkune, a representative for Centre Point spoke on our partnership. The artist herself, Hannah provided insights into her creative journey and what inspired her work.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating Hannah Thomas for The Dubel Prize showcased the art of bringing people together. Here's to more evenings filled with art, culture, and boundless possibilities.

For those interested in Hannah Thomas' artwork, direct inquiries to @julian_redeightgallery or www.redeightgallery.com. Julian and his team will assist in acquiring these unique pieces.

Check out the full video from this event here!