Dubel Prize Launch Night

The Dubel Prize launch party organized by Disrupt events, invited 400 guests this past bank holiday to the exclusive the Royal Exchange venue to celebrate art. The Royal Exchange is London’s oldest financial exchange complete with a royal title from Queen Elizabeth I, lovely architecture and ambiance making it the perfect venue to celebrate this prize.

The Dubel prize, founded by Damian Alexander Dubel, was created in an effort to combat the challenges the art world has faced in recent years due to social restrictions, lockdowns and health constraints. Ultimately, the prize was created to support and assist the selected artists throughout the coming year and beyond.

Through a rigorous selection panel, 12 talented artists were shortlisted for the prize, each of which will receive an individual event to display their art that will be organized by Disrupt events as well!

Our launch night hosted esteemed guests in black tie for an evening of glamour, art, creativity, drinks and music. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a red carpet walk, fit with photographers, as well as our lovely host, Kemi Rodgers, to interview some guests on their attire and thoughts on the nights upcoming events. Greeted  with a glass of champagne and canapés provided by Fortnum and Mason and twenty two pieces of artwork lining the walls, the attendees were encouraged to  inspection each of the artists creations. The band, High on Heels, provided lovely music before speeches from Damian Alexander Dubel, Janet Leatherland, Julian Usher, and Richard Utting were given to congratulate the artists for their success and welcome everyone in attendance.

Shortly after, Kemi encouraged all 12 artists to join her on stage for a short Q&A to dive into their inspiration as well as aspirations for the future. Following the speeches, the night carried on with a performance from the Big Pink and musing from our DJ to fill the Royal Exchange with an unmatched energy.

Finally, as 11pm rolled around all the guests were encouraged to the afterparty at the Libertine. The Libertine, set in the immense vaults under the Royal Exchange, is a place of spirited revelry perfect for the guests to indulge in personalized cocktails from the Hidden Garden and an open dance floor to celebrate the nights success. We are so pleased with the success of this night and look forward to the year ahead of us.

Find our video coverage of the event and the afterparty linked here!