Lee Musgrave's Full Collection

As the Dubel prize process continues, so do the events for each shortlisted artists starting off strong with Lee Musgrave. Jumping his career off with video game artwork design for Nintendo/Rare, Lee mostly focused on digital art. After exhausting his work within the digital art and graphic design field, Lee has now shifted his focus to strictly contemporary fine art. He has gained some traction within the art world including an inside cover of a magazine, open exhibitions and some sales, but his shortlisting for the Dubel prize has been the highlight of his career so far. 

Lee Musgrave's full collection was displayed September 29, 2023 at Jeru in Mayfair for an evening of celebration. The lovely, versatile venue of Jeru marked the perfect place for Lee to display his work and our established guests to enjoy and appreciate his creativity alongside drinks and live music from our band, The Cinelli Brothers

Stay tuned for our next event for the Dubel prize coming up soon! Check out our video of the event!