Nomadic Art Series 3

The third part in the Nomadic art series came to fruition at the Dorsett Hotel in Shepherd's bush. The collection of Zara Muse, a talented artist whose art revolves around themes of nature, emotions and human connection, was displayed to all guests during this exciting final series part. Incorporating a colorful palette filled with rich colors, she expresses female beauty in a way that evokes deep emotions from viewers.

Guests were encouraged to enjoy an array of tasty canapés and specialized cocktails made for the event by Jin Bar while appreciating the art displayed. Speeches from Nomad art's founder, James .... and Milly Griffin, our lovely presenter, gave insight into the motivations behind Zara Muse's artwork as well as announced the competition for the night. Two winners were announced at the end of the night, who were lucky enough to claim a free stay at the Dorsett and a framed print from Zara Muse!

Overall the night was a wonderful success, thank you to all who joined us and to Dorsett hotel for providing a spectacular venue once again. Remember you can check out these paintings at the Dorsett in Shepherd's bush until mid November!